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Today we've got 10 reasons why you should choose a high street agent over an online agent.


1. You get all the perks of an online agent as well as ! We have a huge online presence through our newly renovated website, Rightmove, On The Market and Facebook.


2. We are proactive sellers! At Walter’s we have an active applicants database of over 1,000 people who are looking for all sorts of property. We work hard to ensure that we match your property to as many people as possible whilst managing what we send to potential buyers so they receive information on properties they may actually buy rather than generic mass mailouts like some agents do.


3. We offer a no sale, no fee service. If we don’t sell your home, you don’t pay us. Some agents are charging upfront for selling costs even if they don't sell your property. They have no incentive to sell as they've already got your money!


4. We provide pictures, floor plans, advertisement boards, accompanied viewings, listings on Rightmove, On The Market and the Walter’s website along with descriptions of your home and the surrounding area which is all included in your final fee. Many ‘no frills’ agents charge extra for creating floor plans or offering accompanied viewings.


5. Walter’s have been in the property business for over 227 years. You can’t get much more experience than that really! Our valuer Chris has been in the industry for over 20 years whilst our negotiators have a combined 48 years of selling property in the Lincolnshire area!


6. We are flexible with our fees and contract lengths. Why get stuck into a long contract? A good agent who is confident in their abilities to sell will offer a shorter contract.


7. Online agents only work online, meaning those who do not have access to the internet (e.g. the elderly) or don’t have the time to keep trawling through pages and pages on Right Move (e.g. investment buyers) won’t be seeing your property. With a showroom they can just pop into we can offer your property to those demographics.


8. We are real people and you can meet with us, we can also meet with potential buyers!


9. We care about every single vendor and potential buyer. For many large faceless businesses they just see you as a number. We see you as a person and your property as a home. We will try our best for every single customer we deal with and work on your behalf.


10. We have hundreds of reviews and testimonials which you can see some here. 


Make sure your agent isn't just another brick in the wall and stop wasting your time with the wrong agent, come to us. 


Today's post is brought to you by the colour Greenery which has been selected as Pantone's Colour Of The Year. Greenery is a vibrant green, as the name suggests, which is perfect for the spring and particularly suiting to 2017 after the disaster that was 2016. The colour is symbolic of new hope and new life. We've got some money savvy suggestions here that will help you breathe new life into your home this year.


1. Primark Palm Leaf Duvet Cover - from £9.00. This is lovely mix of darker greens and contrasting pink, the cover is reversible so you're getting double the wear.

2. Wilko Fabric Hanging Plaque - £5. Adding a wall hanging or canvas to your wall can change the dynamic of the room significantly. We love this one as it's got that natural vibe which this interior trend is all about.

3. Wilko Scented Glass Candle Lavender - £1. Clustering coloured candles on a mantle or shelf is an inexpensive way to update a room, they also beautiful to burn on an evening to create a little more atmosphere.

4. Wilko Cushion Chenille Green - £4. If you've got a neutral sofa chucking a few en vogue pillows will lift the over all colour of the room as the serve as a focal point.

5. B&Q Paints (various colours) - from £10. If you're not shy of colour and fancy a big change you can always go the whole hog and paint your walls in this year's colour. If you aren't 100% sure, just paint one feature wall. Going for a soft pink on the walls will allow you to make a subtle change and still leaves scope for accessorising in green.

6. Wilko Faux Grass In Pot - £6. An obvious way to incorporate Greenery into your home is to add literal greenery. Get some little house plants either that flower in purples or pinks (like a Hyacinth) or opt for something leafy and green like the ever popular succulent. If you can't keep a plant alive there are plenty of realistic looking faux plants on the market.

7. Super Soft Microfibre Throw - £4.99. Again, add comfort and style with a fluffy throw. These can be picked up relatively cheaply these days.

8. Wilko Hurricane Vase Green - £4. This hurricane vase is elegant and beautiful. Repurpose white or cream candles by placing them inside the vase.


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10 things to do in Lincoln... apart from visiting the Cathedral.

Today we'll be giving you a few suggestions for interesting things to do in Lincoln, whether you're just visiting or live here, there is something exciting for everyone on this list. We've chosen not to include the Cathedral in this post as we felt it was a given that you should visit it at some point and we wanted to highlight some of the lesser known attractions. 

Hartsholme Country Park

Hartsholme County Park is a true hidden gem in Lincoln. The park has a scenic lake and grassy areas perfect for picnics or enjoying an ice cream from the cafe. The area is home to many different species of wildlife and is a designated Site of Special Scientific Significance. If you’ve got children to entertain there are plenty of play areas and opportunities to learn something in the visitors centre. Although the park is especially vibrant in the summer, all facilities are open throughout the year. The park is situated just off Skellingthorpe Road and is easily accessible via public transport and has adequate parking for those that drive.   


The Collection / Usher Gallery

The Collection and Usher Art Gallery are located just off the High Street and Bailgate areas. The Usher Gallery enjoys a large collection of art of varying styles with regularly changing exhibitions. Visitors are also able to get involved with regular life drawing classes on a Wednesday, talks and other events. The landscaped gardens are also home to fantastic sculptures which are certainly worth a look. The Collection shows a little bit more of the historic aspects of the City of Lincoln with an informative archaeology gallery which will even keep the kids captivated. Refreshments are available at the Stokes Café.


Daisy Made Ice Cream

Daisy Made is a perfect escape from the city and an opportunity to meet friendly farm yard animals whilst enjoying homemade ice cream in an array of interesting flavours. The family run business offers fantastic food and even the opportunity for a spot of crazy golf. If you’re just passing by you can grab a cone from the drive through you will miss out on petting the goats and guinea pigs though! 


Royal Air Force Scampton Museum

If you’re a lover of history and modern aircraft the Royal Air Force Museum in Scampton is the perfect place for you. RAF Scampton was home to the infamous Dambusters squadron and today homes the world renowned Red Arrows. The base hosts a selection of artefacts from throughout the base’s many years of being operational. Entry to the museum is free but bookings will need to be made via email and ID will be needed to enter the site due to the base still being fully functional.


Tension Exit Games

The rise of ‘escape room’ games hasn’t missed Lincoln at all! Tension Exit Games offer a variety of exciting logic and puzzle games perfect for groups of 2-5 for 6 years or older. The idea is to try and work out how to get out of the room under a strict time limit whilst solving all the clues. I won’t give anything else away but if you enjoyed Crystal Maze then you’ll love this!  

The Original Lincoln Ghost Walk

Lovers of Most Haunted will enjoy the walking tour starting at the Magna Carta pub in Castle Square and visiting all the ghostly places around Lincoln. The tour runs all year every Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Bank Holiday Mondays at 7pm. Additional private bookings are also available.

Doddington Hall and Gardens

Doddington Hall is an Elizabethan hall constructed in 1600 and today is home to some of the most beautiful gardens in England. The hall houses an exquisite collection of household objects, paintings and textiles. As well as the gardens and hall itself there is a farm shop, restaurant, café, home store, country clothing store, bauble barn and other events throughout the year.


Bransby Horses

A horse lovers paradise! Bransby Horses care for horses, donkeys and mules who need love and attention. The site provides a unique experience to get up close and personal with these beautiful creatures and learn about them and their individual personalities. The charity can be supported through purchasing from their gift shop or buying refreshments from the Freedom Café.



This is the perfect spot for retro gaming and experiencing the world of Virtual Reality. The décor is simply amazing and while the opportunity to play old video games might not be to everyone’s taste, those who do will love this place.

Moving house can be an extremely stressful time of your life, there is so much to remember but hopefully with our tips and tricks we'll help your move go a little easier! 


The last supper(s)

It's worth planning your last few meals in your house in advance so you can use up what's in your cupboards/freezer and avoid moving any unnecessary food. 


Defrost your fridge the day before

If you do it too soon you'll end up trailing water through both houses and risk it leaking on important things.


Choose a time to move where you can take a few days off work

Moving house takes time especially if you'e moving a lot of things and it is also really exhausting! You'll need a few days for packing and unpacking and also a little rest too!


Get a babysitter for the kids and send off Tin Tin to the Dog Kennels

The last thing you need is for pets & kids to be getting under your feet or needing walking or feeding or asking "Which Pokemon is this?!" for the 30th time that morning (I would be incredibly impressed if the dog asked that though!).  


Pay for Help

If you can't get any friends to muck in then there is no shame in getting extra help. Taking on too much by yourself will only leave you stressed and tired. If you’re using a removals service, make sure they’ve got a good reputation and get a quote before booking. Make sure everything is packed before your help arrives.


Start Clearing Out a Few Weeks Before

As soon as you know a rough completion date you need to start sorting your belongings. Make sure you’ve got enough rubbish collections left so you can avoid taking a desperate dash to the tip! Donate your old items to charity (most can come and collect larger items or if you’ve got loads of stuff), or if you’ve got the time stick them on eBay or Facebook selling sites to earn an extra bit of cash for pizza your first night in your new home. This is especially important if you’re downsizing.


Start Packing Early

This sounds really obvious so I'll keep it brief. Once your chosen what you're taking to your new home, get anything you don't need boxed up straight away. 


Boxes & Vacuum Bags

Don't bother buying specific boxes for moving. Stock up on boxes from your local supermarket or local estate agents (we get through loads of boxes from our stationary orders!). Also putting any loose clothing or blankets into vacuum bags will save on space. For easy moving of clothes from a wardrobe, simply gather in a bin bag whilst still on the hangers and tie to secure. 



Again this is obvious, label your boxes so you know which room they need to go in upon unloading. 


Create a First Night Box

This should contain everything you and your family needs for the first 12-24 hours in your new home. This should include a phone charger, spare set of clothes, shower gel, towels, tea, sugar, some snacks and drinks and a takeaway menu!


Keep Calm and Carry On

If it really does all go to pot, just remain calm and take a few deep breaths. If you need to scream into a pillow!

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