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How long have you been in business?

Walter’s has been in business since 1790 so we’ve definitely got some experience! Look for an agent that has been in business for at least 15 years, this’ll prove their selling ability.


How many potential buyers do you have on your books?

We’ve got around 800 potential buyers and we regularly update our lists to ensure we show your property to those who are still looking.


Where do you advertise your properties?

Walter’s use a combination of a modern showroom, social media, weekly email mail out,, Rightmove and our own website to advertise. If your agent doesn’t advertise online, avoid at all costs!


Will you do accompanied viewings if needed?

If your agent charges extra for sending an agent to do viewings then they should be avoided. At Walter’s we do not charge extra for accompanied viewings.


Will you obtain viewing feedback from viewers?

At Walter’s we chase up all potential leads and pass the feedback on to you.


How long am I tied into a contract for?

We like to provide a flexible service and will accommodate where we can. If an agent wants to tie you into a contract for 6 months, you should avoid them.


How much will you charge?

Again, we like to provide a flexible service that will suit everyone’s budget so it is worth discussing the options available to you. If an agent charges a fixed fee, it is worth asking them what is included and how they


Will I pay upfront?

Avoid going to an agent who charges you a fee without selling your home. There is no incentive to sell your property if they’ve already got your money.


Will you help me find my own home to move into?

If you are looking in the same area Walter’s will help you find your next home as well as selling yours. Most agents should be able to do this for you.


Will you recommend a solicitor for us to use once a sale is agreed?

Your agent should be able to provide you with the names of some firms to help you through your sale.


Would you do a joint agency with another agent?

Your agent should be open to liaising with another agent to secure a sale on your home. If they aren’t, it might be worth it to go with one who will in the event that your property isn’t selling as quickly as hoped for.


Are there any additional selling costs?

Some add on extras for viewings, photographs, printing brochures. These things should come as standard but ask in the first instance to avoid any hidden costs.


What can I do to make my home sell better?

Your agent should be able to give you some advice on competitive pricing, home décor, making the best of the property etc. If they aren’t comfortable giving you a straight answer then it might be worth going with someone else.

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