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Today's post is brought to you by the colour Ultra Violet which has been selected as Pantone's Colour Of The Year. Ultra Violet is a deep bluish violet shade which conjures images of royalty and luxury whilst shying away from ultra feminine purples. This colour highly contrasts last year's shade, Greenery. The colour is very strong so it might be worth adding accents into the home if you're shy of bold colours. 

We've got some suggestions here that will help you give your home a lavish look with this year's colour. 


H&M Home Jacquard-Weave Satin Duvet Set - £34.99. This is beautiful way to add a lot of colour to your bedroom with little effort. The Art Deco leaf pattern lifts the colour and gives a little more interest than the flat colour.

Zara Home Golden Sun-Shaped Mirror - £69.99. Adding a mirror to a wall can change the dynamic of the room significantly. This Art Deco 1920's inspired investment piece channels the luxe vibes of Ultra Violet. The gold will contrast the colour excellently. 

B&Q Marble Tealight Candle Holder - £2. Clustering candles with holders on a mantle or shelf is an inexpensive way to update a room, they also beautiful to burn on an evening to create a little more atmosphere. We've chosen this marble holder as it's a great way to modernise subtly and contrasts violet really well.

Argos Habitat Evelyn Cushion - £4. If you've got a neutral sofa chucking a few en vogue pillows will lift the over all colour of the room as the serve as a focal point. We love the yellow on this cushion as it contrasts Ultra Violet well.

Dulux Paint, Purple Pout - £13.83. If you're not shy of colour and fancy a big change you can always go the whole hog and paint your walls in this year's colour. If you aren't 100% sure, just paint one feature wall or the alcove of an unused fireplace.

Swiss Cheese Plant - £20.94. Contrast this years colour by bringing the outside in with some big leafy plants. If you're wanting to be a bit more on the nose with your house plants, pick something with purple flowers like lavender. If you can't keep a plant alive there are plenty of realistic looking faux plants on the market.

Argos HOME Diamon Cotton Throw, Grey - £4.99. Again, add comfort and style with a throw. These can be picked up relatively cheaply these days and we recommend grey accessories to contrast and compliment Ultra Violet's strong vibrancy. 

Purple Agate Drinks Coasters - £19.45. These beautiful coasters are a very subtle way to bring the colour into your home. These could be used as candle plates as well. 

Purple Ultimate Towel - from £1.60. The bathroom is an often neglected area of the home, bring yours up to date with some beautiful fluffy Ultra Violet towels.

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