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EPCs Explained 

An EPC is an Energy Performance Certificate, these certificates are awarded after an EPC Assessment has been carried out by a qualified assessor. This assessment looks at all aspects of the energy efficiency within your property from energy saving light fittings to the level of insulation. Certificates are required when a property is built, sold or rented (there are some instances where a certificate is not needed).

Some properties do not require an EPC, these are:

o             temporary buildings that will be used for less than 2 years

o             holiday accommodation that’s rented out for less than 4 months a year or is let under a licence to occupy

o             listed buildings

o             residential buildings intended to be used less than 4 months a year


A certificate is required within 30 days of marketing your property and is valid for 10 years. So, if a property has been bought and then sold within the last 3 years the EPC will still be valid for another 7 years.

The certificate its self will give a colour coded, alphabet and number rated score based on the typical energy usage and cost. The rating ranges from A, being the most energy efficient to G, being the least energy efficient. 

Example of an EPC rating

The certificate will also give a list of recommendations to improve the energy efficiency which can include anything from replacing all bulbs with energy saving ones to installing solar panels. These recommendations can save a lot of money. The recommendations are clearly labelled so you can see the initial cost compared to the typical savings over 3 years. The Energy Saving Trust can give some handy hints and tips on how to improve your home’s efficiency –


You can check to see a property’s EPCs by going to EPC Register all you need is the postcode and number of the property.

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