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Today's post is brought to you by the colour Greenery which has been selected as Pantone's Colour Of The Year. Greenery is a vibrant green, as the name suggests, which is perfect for the spring and particularly suiting to 2017 after the disaster that was 2016. The colour is symbolic of new hope and new life. We've got some money savvy suggestions here that will help you breathe new life into your home this year.


1. Primark Palm Leaf Duvet Cover - from £9.00. This is lovely mix of darker greens and contrasting pink, the cover is reversible so you're getting double the wear.

2. Wilko Fabric Hanging Plaque - £5. Adding a wall hanging or canvas to your wall can change the dynamic of the room significantly. We love this one as it's got that natural vibe which this interior trend is all about.

3. Wilko Scented Glass Candle Lavender - £1. Clustering coloured candles on a mantle or shelf is an inexpensive way to update a room, they also beautiful to burn on an evening to create a little more atmosphere.

4. Wilko Cushion Chenille Green - £4. If you've got a neutral sofa chucking a few en vogue pillows will lift the over all colour of the room as the serve as a focal point.

5. B&Q Paints (various colours) - from £10. If you're not shy of colour and fancy a big change you can always go the whole hog and paint your walls in this year's colour. If you aren't 100% sure, just paint one feature wall. Going for a soft pink on the walls will allow you to make a subtle change and still leaves scope for accessorising in green.

6. Wilko Faux Grass In Pot - £6. An obvious way to incorporate Greenery into your home is to add literal greenery. Get some little house plants either that flower in purples or pinks (like a Hyacinth) or opt for something leafy and green like the ever popular succulent. If you can't keep a plant alive there are plenty of realistic looking faux plants on the market.

7. Super Soft Microfibre Throw - £4.99. Again, add comfort and style with a fluffy throw. These can be picked up relatively cheaply these days.

8. Wilko Hurricane Vase Green - £4. This hurricane vase is elegant and beautiful. Repurpose white or cream candles by placing them inside the vase.

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