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Moving house can be an extremely stressful time of your life, there is so much to remember but hopefully with our tips and tricks we'll help your move go a little easier! 


The last supper(s)

It's worth planning your last few meals in your house in advance so you can use up what's in your cupboards/freezer and avoid moving any unnecessary food. 


Defrost your fridge the day before

If you do it too soon you'll end up trailing water through both houses and risk it leaking on important things.


Choose a time to move where you can take a few days off work

Moving house takes time especially if you'e moving a lot of things and it is also really exhausting! You'll need a few days for packing and unpacking and also a little rest too!


Get a babysitter for the kids and send off Tin Tin to the Dog Kennels

The last thing you need is for pets & kids to be getting under your feet or needing walking or feeding or asking "Which Pokemon is this?!" for the 30th time that morning (I would be incredibly impressed if the dog asked that though!).  


Pay for Help

If you can't get any friends to muck in then there is no shame in getting extra help. Taking on too much by yourself will only leave you stressed and tired. If you’re using a removals service, make sure they’ve got a good reputation and get a quote before booking. Make sure everything is packed before your help arrives.


Start Clearing Out a Few Weeks Before

As soon as you know a rough completion date you need to start sorting your belongings. Make sure you’ve got enough rubbish collections left so you can avoid taking a desperate dash to the tip! Donate your old items to charity (most can come and collect larger items or if you’ve got loads of stuff), or if you’ve got the time stick them on eBay or Facebook selling sites to earn an extra bit of cash for pizza your first night in your new home. This is especially important if you’re downsizing.


Start Packing Early

This sounds really obvious so I'll keep it brief. Once your chosen what you're taking to your new home, get anything you don't need boxed up straight away. 


Boxes & Vacuum Bags

Don't bother buying specific boxes for moving. Stock up on boxes from your local supermarket or local estate agents (we get through loads of boxes from our stationary orders!). Also putting any loose clothing or blankets into vacuum bags will save on space. For easy moving of clothes from a wardrobe, simply gather in a bin bag whilst still on the hangers and tie to secure. 



Again this is obvious, label your boxes so you know which room they need to go in upon unloading. 


Create a First Night Box

This should contain everything you and your family needs for the first 12-24 hours in your new home. This should include a phone charger, spare set of clothes, shower gel, towels, tea, sugar, some snacks and drinks and a takeaway menu!


Keep Calm and Carry On

If it really does all go to pot, just remain calm and take a few deep breaths. If you need to scream into a pillow!

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