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Photos are so important when it comes to selling your property. They are first thing that people see before even visiting the property and can make or break a good listing. What sounds good on paper needs to look good too. Taking a little bit of time and effort to set your rooms up can make so much difference to the pictures. This brief guide will give you some tips and tricks getting your property photo ready.



Ask the photographer to visit your property in the later afternoon if possible. This is the time when there will be a good amount of natural light available so it’ll compliment the photos well. If there is too much light it can make the photos look over exposed and washed out.


Low Lighting

If your home has some areas which aren’t particularly well lit, consider using side lamps with low wattage bulbs to add a little extra atmosphere to these areas, they don't have to stay there for viewings,just for the photos. 


Outside really matters!

The photo of the front of the house is the most important of all, the front is the one most agents will use as their introducing photo. Make sure the windows are clean and free of cobwebs, the grass is cut, there is no peeling paint, get the bins are out of the way and don’t leave your car on the drive!



Make sure there’s a minimal amount of unsightly distractions in the rooms, it’ll make the space feel more open which is particularly important in smaller rooms. Clutter around the property suggest that there are storage issues which potential purchasers will take into consideration. Tidy away that bottle of bleach in the kitchen and make sure the kid’s toys are in the toy box!


Dressing the room

Make sure the beds are made, the TV is turned off, dishes are put away, towels are neatly hung up, set the table nicely, and maybe place a colourful bunch of flowers or fruit to create a focal point within the room. Perhaps consider temporarily moving or even removing some of the furniture for a better layout. 


Personal Items

Take care when having very personal items around, any potential buyers need to be able to visualise themselves in the property.


Don’t leave rooms completely empty

If at all possible don't leave rooms completely empty. This might sound a bit conflicting but totally empty rooms look smaller as there is nothing to give reference as to the size. If you have a spare room with nothing in it, consider putting a bed or some office furniture in there just so viewers can get an idea of size. 


Emphasise the features

If you’ve got an ornamental fireplace or floor to ceiling windows make sure the room is geared toward showing those features off. You should arrange the furniture around those features.


Repair, replace and redecorate

If there are any visible cracks, dirty walls or chipped paint it’s definitely worth giving the place a lick of paint. If there are any cracked tiles make sure to replace them and certainly make sure to repair anything that looks obviously broken in photos.

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